Randonnée du Brabant


Randonnée du Brabant


Royal Veteran Car Club Belgium

The RVCCB brings together enthusiasts of classic cars from before 1940. These historic cars (Monuments in motion) drive at their own pace in the same conditions as they did back then, over short or long distances, in good or bad weather. Join us in reliving the early days of the motor car, with your own popular car or your prestigious sports car.

The RVCCB, a national club, has more than 300 members and organises more or less 12 differents events a year, but always in a good humour spirit and mutual support.

The members of the R.V.C.C.B. invite you to experience this feat with them by joining their club, where several possibilities have been studied for becoming a member, even if you don’t own a classic car.

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Join our Club

The RVCCB is a group for enthusiasts of vehicles from “BEFORE 1940”.

Annual fee member is 60€



Royal Veteran Car Club Belgium
Rue Beeckman 53
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