C O M M I M E N T   C R I T E R I A

The RVCCB take care to present quality vehicles from both the historical and mechanical points of view. To take part in the events, the vehicle must be homologated, have pending homologation or meet the following commitment criteria:

1° A vehicle whose frame, engine, transmission and running gear must be compliant, original and have existed as a rolling assembly. Mechanical components may have been replaced, but they must be identical to the original.

2° The body must have existed in its time. It may have been completed or rebuilt according to the car’s original features or period criteria.

The colour must remain that of the car’s origin or in keeping with its period..

3° Replica cars or cars rebuilt from disparate elements will not be accepted.

4° In case of doubt, the RVCCB will request additional information and photos so that the Technical Committee can give its opinion.