RVCCB tour rules

The rules will translate soon.

Here is a brief summary of our rules:

All cars should be in good running order.
Drivers have to comply with the requirements of the traffic laws.
Each driver will have a valid driving licence and each car will be duly covered by a valid insurance.
If required or for safety, the organising committee can change the route.
The organizing committee has the right to exclude from the rally any participant who doesn’t comply with traffic laws or whose behaviour could damage the Club’s image.
Every participant remains responsible for his own possessions and his car.
The organizing committee cannot be held responsible for damage during transport or towing of the car.
Marshalls are there to help and have no priority on existing traffic signs.
Everybody must remain very careful.
The assistance or rescue service will bring the car to the start or to a safe place.
It is the participant’s responsibility not to drink and drive, the organizing committee cannot be held responsible in case of an accident.In case of breakdown the car will be charged on the trailor under supervision and responsibility of the owner.